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Dark Origins Of Your Favourite Fair-y Tales

We are about to destroy your childhood and by destroy we mean ‘annihilate and blow up into smithereens’. The beloved Disney movies that we all grew up on have seriously sinister origins. Read on for grimmer version of our favourite tales.

Top 10 Squares Of The World

They are the beating hearts of a city. A square patch of land around which civilizations have revolved for centuries, and tourism does now. Here is a list of ten squares which are breathtaking and a must visit.

Crime / Suspense

  • A Night at the Ritz

    Stan twirled the plastic key card expertly between his fingers. Short and stubby, as they were, fifteen years behind a desk had allowed him to hone th.....

  • Hum Paunch

    To many, Goa, a coastal locale which lies somewhere within western India, is a land where intoxicants such as Urrack and Feni are served a plenty in b.....

  • Going Down

    The airport was really busy. There were so many name boards, it was hard to find the right one. Squinting at several signs, some of them with re.....



  • Vishal Thakkar

    I have authored a book called "Balance Sheet - The Tale of Asset & Liability" published by CNBC TV18 .....

  • Vaibhavi Parmar

    very friendly, full of standard issue dreams, fangirls regularly, argues frequently and reads like her life depends on it.